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Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupon Book
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Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Books contain Hundreds of Exclusive VIP “Buy 1, Get 1 FREE” Discounts, and the quantity of books is very limited for each edition. Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Books sell out, faster and faster, each year as there are only enough to supply a very small percentage of the population. As a result, supporters will be far more likely to buy a book, when first asked, so they will not miss out on the opportunity to enjoy such huge discounts. You will be doing people a favour by giving them the chance to purchase a book while generating much needed funds for your charitable organization and/or cause.

Johnny’s Coupons is under contract with participating merchants to only print a small number of books for each edition. Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Book contains such extreme discounts that the participating merchants have to limit the number of books sold. Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Book is only available to a limited number of organizations each year, greatly enhancing the success of your campaign.

We at Johnny’s Coupons require and mandate that all participating organizations sell Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Book for the same price. Discounts are not permitted and participating organizations are prohibited from competing with one and other on price. Since Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Book is the same price everywhere, your supporters will be thrilled to purchase one from someone they know within your organization and support your cause.

Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Book has a wide variety of merchants, with a very diverse selection of coupons, and is popular with people from "All walks of Life". Regardless of the Supporters age, gender, marital status, income level, or personal interests, there is a great selection of discounts for everyone. The best part is, Johnny's 2 For 1 Coupon Book can pay for itself after redeeming only 1 of the many hundred Exclusive VIP "Buy 1, Get 1 FREE" Discounts and the rest is pure savings! Truly a Great Investment!

Some companies offer products with limited appeal and/or over inflated prices. Other companies offer products that are readily available, and less expensive, at local stores. Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Book is useful and practical for everyone. It is a great value and there is only a small number of books in circulation. It is Easy to Sell what people want. Everyone Wants Discounts. Your supporters will save a lot of money while helping your worthwhile cause. Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Book really is Win! Win! Win!

Individuals and Organizations can Earn $19.35 per Book Sold. This is Over 35% of the retail price of Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Book. With these margins, even small organizations or individuals can raise a lot of money quickly, and often with little effort. Some companies offer products that only allow you to profit half of that or even less. Fundraising with Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Book requires less participation from your organization, and far fewer supporters, to achieve the same or better results. Johnny’s Coupons can help you exceed your fundraising goals and it may be easier than you think!

Chances are you, and many of your friends, family members, co-workers, and neighbors already purchase Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Book each year. Once you start announcing Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Book is available through your organization, many past customers, and new prospects alike, will be pleased to purchase it from you. People prefer to support someone they know and there are many existing customers all around you. Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Book should be an easy sell!

Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Book is available with no money down, on a first come, first served basis, while quantities last. Our professional fundraising consultants will work with you to help determine the number of books required for your organization and find the investment plan that is best suited for you. Inquire today and avoid disappointment as Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Book sells out quickly each year.

Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Book is valid immediately upon receiving your order and is valid until and including January 31, 2018. Supporters can use their Exclusive VIP “Buy 1, Get 1 FREE” Discounts the day you deliver their book. Some companies require advance orders and supporters must pay well in advance of receiving their product. Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Book is available to your supporters at time of sale. If your organization solicits pre-orders, payment is not required until books are received.

Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Book makes a thoughtful gift and is appropriate for people of all ages and almost any occasion. Grandparents really appreciate Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Book as it gives them ideas on how to entertain their grandchildren while greatly reducing their cost of meals, entertainment and a whole lot more. Supporters will often buy more than one copy to either give away and/or to increase their savings with more of their favorite coupons.

The majority of Johnny’s 2 For 1 Coupon Book customers look forward to the new edition each year. Many of our fundraising clients report selling more and more books each year, with less effort, as supporters often seek them out annually.

If you decide to make Johnny’s 2 For 1 Book an annual fundraising event you will be given first right of refusal, each year, on the very limited quantity. However, there is no obligation to continue if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with every element of Johnny’s Coupons Fundraising Program.

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